Paul Swift

Paul Swift

Bike Fitter

Paul grew up in Wisconsin and left home as a teenager to pursue his dreams in cycling. He raced in several countries worldwide as a US National Cycling Team member and is an eight-time national champion.

While contemplating retirement from cycling, he conducted a study at Auburn University on tilting the foot at the pedal with a product he co-developed called the Cleat Wedge. He then designed The Bicycle Fitting System, nominated by Bicycling Magazine as one of the most innovative products in the cycling industry. He developed and patented dozens of more products in cycling and fitness. His products have been used in winning many of the world's biggest races. If you have ever taken a Spinning or indoor cycling class, you may have touched something he developed. Today his latest works are The Bar Zoomer for the Peloton bike, and he recently launched a new saddle company You can try some of his saddles displayed in the clinic.

Paul has also traveled the world teaching cycling biomechanics, having trained over 2000 bike fitters. Paul has touched and influenced the lives of nearly every bike fitter in the world.

He loves being a father, riding his bike, and lots more. Paul is extremely grateful for the things that life has provided for him. Both of his parents died of cancer, and Paul is a survivor living life.