Peer Playmates



Peer Playmates Outdoor Group Program!

Parents who choose our Peer Playmates program

Value being outdoors and don't mind their kids getting a little dirty
Want their child to benefit from being in nature in a group of peers.
Want their children to learn inclusivity by interacting with those needing OT services.
"Peer Playmates" are children wanting to participate in our outdoor groups but do not need OT services. They are children who have either "graduated" from OT and want to continue to participate in OT related activities and benefit from time in nature and for continued practice of self-regulation and play skills in a small group setting.

Peer Playmates do not have goals but they are in the group as willing participants and help play along during group games and other interactive activities. Peer Playmates are expected to be able to follow directions fairly consistently and model appropriate social skills and play skills for the other kids.

All children in the group participate in the activities together; they do not know who is or isn't receiving OT services. That is the beauty of the group model - therapy feels like playing outdoors with other children!


Peer Playmate FAQ

How big are the groups?

Groups consist of 3-5 children which will arranged by our therapists to meet the needs of each individual. Peer Playmates will be grouped according to age/skill level of other participants.

What do your sessions look like?

Therapy sessions include activities to

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve coordination
  • Explore sensations in order to better tolerate a variety of textures, movements, and noises
  • Learn to calm the body and mind
  • Practice patience, concentration, and following directions
  • Foster social skills

How long are sessions?

Outdoor group sessions are 90 minutes each and will be held in a local park/recreation area.


What’s included in the package pricing?

  • 10, 90-minute sessions over the course of a 12-week period
  • 1 phone consultation (if desired)
  • Each child will receive an outdoor packet with items to help them engage in nature, including a t-shirt, journal, backpack, and other goodies.

Can I pay per session, or do I have to pay for the package deal?

You can pay per session if you are signed up for OT services or as a Peer Playmate as an "à la carte" service, otherwise at least one month is required at a time. Package deals include a discounted rate. Outdoor packets are included with package pricing only.

Because our services are focused on group dynamics, having children coming/going from groups frequently makes it hard for the children to get comfortable around each other, we do not allow week-by-week enrollment, unless it is for a summer camp type program.

Other services

  • Neuro (stroke, brain injury, and post-concussive syndrome) rehab, cognitive training, fine-motor coordination deficits after stroke or other neurological impairment.

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