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Hannah Johnson, LMT, PTA.

Hello! I'm Hannah and I am a dual Licensed massage therapist, physical therapist assistant, and the owner of Method Massage, LLC. I am a Spokane, WA native, graduating from Inland Massage Institute in 1998 and, after returning to college, I graduated from the physical therapist assistant program at SFCC in 2006.
I have 25 years in therapeutic massage and 17 years in outpatient physical therapy practice. My extensive experience includes orthopedic, post surgical, migraine/other headache types, car accidents and work injuries, post cancer treatment, PTSD/trauma, and post concussion rehab. My passion for lymphatic mobilization, neurological reflex integration therapy, and (myo)fascial release have ultimately become my specialties over the past 2+ decades.
In my years of practice, I have gained insight as to how each body is unique, with an array of conditions, that I am able to understand and navigate in order to provide superior symptom improvement. I offer a deeper approach in the massage therapy realm due to my background in physical therapy.
As an added benefit, I offer an oil bar with options for custom herbal infusion blends upon request for a personalized experience.
When I am not in the clinic, I enjoy my time outdoors with my amazing husband, 2 children, and 3 dogs.

Below, you will find more information about my specialties.


Technique: A unique light pressure massage method used to mobilize the natural lymph which exists throughout the body tissues.

What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a special network of tissues, made up of vessels, nodes, and ducts that work in harmony with the vascular system including the heart and blood vessels, as well as the kidneys, to move the natural existing fluids of the body from the tissues.

Why? To reduce swelling in areas of injury and/or chronically swollen parts of the body, clear toxins and cellular waste from tissues, enhance your immune system function, as well as increase joint and tissue mobility for higher physical function.

Who can benefit? People diagnosed with lymphedema due to a poorly developed lymphatic system or caused by injury or illness, people with lipedema, and post surgical patients, including orthopedic and cosmetic.


Technique: Various manual Methods are utilized including sweeping, point pressure stimulation, rhythmic tapping, pulling, and pressing at specific areas of the body, followed by a gentle movement into the pattern of a reflex either passively or actively.

What is it? Reflex integration therapy (RIT) is bodywork designed to regulate the autonomic nervous system by balancing the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems, as well as regulate sensory systems including vision, hearing, tactile (touch), and vestibular (balance). This type of bodywork will create regulation and stability in both your physical and emotional state of being.

What are Primitive reflexes? Primitive reflexes emerge in the brain stem and are present at birth, fully integrated into our complex nervous system early in life. They are the foundation of how we move and learn in the world around us. They are no longer automatic but they are still there keeping us upright and interacting with the world. Have you ever been busily chatting with someone while holding a cup of coffee, and yet you do not drop the cup even though you are not thinking about holding it? That is your grasp reflex helping you out!

Who can benefit? When a reflex is in a dysfunctional state, the central nervous system is in dysregulation at the brain stem or hind brain level, and higher functions from the cerebrum are not able to operate correctly or efficiently. This can present as sensory system problems like low tolerance to light or sound, fogginess, forgetfulness, poor sleep quality, digestive disorders, immune system suppression, poor body awareness, tight muscles, boundary issues, poor attention span, emotional dysregulation, and so on. By stimulating the reflex pathways, we have direct access from the peripheral nervous system at the skin, into the central nervous into the brain. Once the reflex is regulated, we are able to open and strengthen the neuro pathway from the brain stem through the mid brain and into the cerbral cortex where higher functioning systems can perform optimally. Remember, we are only as good as our nervous system!


Technique: Deep and superficial manual methods are used, including friction massage, twisting, and stretching along specific fascial lines of the body that are strategically mapped according to your pain and limitations of motion.

What is fascia? It is your connective tissue! The soft tissues and organs of the body are strong and flexible, protected and stable because of its fascia system. There are many fascial lines in the body that hold you all together, keep you upright against physical resistance, and keep you from turning into a puddle of mush. The fascia is not immune to stress from both outside and inside the body. It responds to physical and emotional trauma. It can tighten up, get knotted up and create long lines of tension from one end of your body to the other. Scar tissue can become a major problem if it is not properly managed. You may have a painful shoulder and that might end up effecting your lower leg!

Who can benefit? Anyone who has had an accident or injury, previous surgeries, and even tightness in an area of the body not brought on by physical injury.


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