Occupational Therapy


What is

Occupational Therapy?

Evaluates functions of daily living
Provides individualized care to help you perform the tasks that are meaningful and important
Helps you maintain independence and a high quality of life
On the path of Occupational Therapy (OT), we combine physical movement with developmental learning to allow people of all ages to perform daily tasks and meaningful occupations at their highest level of independence.
OT's work with people recovering from stroke (CVA), brain injury (TBI), concussion, or spinal cord injury (SCI) learning to perform daily functions independently. We also help those with MS or Parkinson's learning to manage symptoms while maintaining as much independence as possible. We also address low vision and other vision dysfunctions.
With children we work with kids with sensory processing disorder, Autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, handwriting difficulties, and social difficulties. Because a child’s primary source of learning is through play, play-based treatment is often used to help kids learn and develop skills such as fine-motor coordination, balance, strength, and vision in addition to learning to pick up social cues and having meaningful interactions with others.
In short, we help you "live life to the fullest."


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